Tips on Creating a Modern & Unique Brochure Design

Your company’s brochure is an important tool to increase awareness about your products and services. Since it is in hard print, potential customers can take it home, browse on it and check out relevant information about your company and products.

But it needs to captivate your audience in order for them to take action. Gone are the days when traditional brochures are used for promotion. Nowadays, a more unique and modern approach is used to ensure that this promotional tool is utilized for direct marketing. If you are planning on creating one for your company, these tips might be of help:

  • Simplicity is the key

In this day and age, being simple is still a trend. Why? Because a clean and clutter-free design works for a lot of people. Brochures that contain too much design elements is a distraction and an eye sore. There is a high chance that your intended audience will not understand the message you are trying to convey since it got lost in the sea of many design components. You can still make your brochure creative and enticing, but if you have a simple but elegantly-designed brochure, then go for it.


  • Make it functional

Back in the days, brochures are just printed on a paper to provide information about your company. But today, designers and brochure printing companies in Dubai are creating interactive brochures and promotional tools that pique the interest of their audience. This gives them an opportunity to play and implement their out-of-the-box ideas for direct marketing and promotion. Do not be afraid to go unconventional. Think of how the brochure can function more than just relaying information.


  • Play with shapes

Traditional brochures are printed on a rectangular shaped paper. But that was yesterday’s news. Today, brochure designers and printers utilizing shapes to create more impact for their designs. This can give your brochure design an interesting contrast and originality. Play with geographic shapes.


  • Use high grade materials

Okay, so you have a well-designed brochure in your hand. But if you are going to have it print in a low-quality paper, the appeal would lessen dramatically. Do not compromise design over low-cost materials. Choose high quality paper to bring out the beauty of your brochure design.


  • Mind your typography

One of the things that many designers missed out when designing a brochure is the typography. Be sure that the fonts and typefaces are appropriate to the design. They should be legible and readable for the readers and target audience.