Challenges Courier Companies Face Everyday

Like any other industries, the courier and shipping companies have challenges they need to deal with every day. But as much as possible, these service providers think of alternative ways for them to fulfill their end of the bargain and still provide quality service to their customers.

Here are some of the challenges these companies usually encounter and what solution they provide to solve such dilemmas:

  • Bad weather


One of the most common problems that the courier industry always have to deal with is the weather. For one, it is something that they do not have control over. Once there is a weather system happening, port services and flights are cancelled or suspended. It would mean that there will be delays in shipping and deliveries.


What most Dubai courier companies do is make adjustments with their schedules. As much as possible, they find alternative routes so they can still make it in time. But if there are not available ports or airports to receive the shipment, they immediately alert the clients and give an adjusted schedule for delivery.


  • Lack of transportation means


Sometimes, when there are too many items to ship and deliver, all transportation and vehicles in the fleet is being used and utilized for deliveries. Also, courier companies have to deal with broken vehicles which they cannot use in these intances. With the influx of items and packages coming in, it can lead to shortage of delivery vehicles and delays in shipping.


As a temporary remedy, some courier companies ask assistance to fleet companies for additional vehicles. They also explore other options for delivery like adjusting their schedules to accommodate these packages for delivery.


  • Delays in delivery


One of the most common problem that many shipping company faces is the delays in shipment. There are a lot of reasons for delays. It can be there is a hold up in the customs office or scheduling issues.


If there are delays with deliveries, the courier company usually inform the sender and recipient of the delay so they will be updated on the status of their shipment.

  • Fragile goods and items


Handling fragile and delicate packages is part of the job, but it doesn’t mean it is a joy to handle. Since these items can break at the slightest mistake, extra precaution should be taken. This is why courier companies are advising customer to pack their fragile items properly to lessen the chances of incurring damage.

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