Dealing With Homesickness In Summer Camp: How To Help Your Kids Cope

Summer camps are definitely a fun place to be. Lots of kids who experienced attending one look forward to joining again and be with their summer friends. But for kids who are attending their summer camp for kids in Dubai, the feeling of uneasiness and fear of being away from home might give them second thoughts of joining.

If you think your kid is getting a little bit fussy about joining the camp and being away for the summer, here are some tips that might help ease their homesickness:

  1. Do not give your kids the reason to be guilty


As much as possible, avoid statements like “You will be missed,” or “It would be quiet without you here.” These statements can trigger the onset of homesickness even before your kid reaches the camp. Although these statements are true, it would only make your kid feel guilty about going away for the summer. Instead, say something more cheerful and encouraging like “Have fun!” during the drive to the camp. Letting your kids know that you will do just fine in their absence would also ease their mind.


  1. Build up the reputation of the camp


Some kids feel uneasy about joining summer camps because they know very little about it. To psyche them up, try to tell them what makes the summer camp a fun place to be. Highlight the activities and the programs, as well as the facility and amenities. You can show them the brochure or the web page of the camp to get them more excited. Giving your kids an overview of what he/she will be experiencing will put their minds at ease.


  1. Let your kids know that camp is safe


Kids are used to the comforts of their homes, where everything is provided and handed to them. Going to a summer camp would mean that they will be getting out of their comfort zones. It can be a scary thought for some kids. When you feel that your kids are holding back about going to summer camps due to fear of being away from home, let them know that the camp is a safe place. It might be different from their familiar territory, but it would definitely give them an opportunity to experience something new.


  1. Give them space when they are in the camp


Parting with your kids, even just for the summer, can be difficult for parents too. The tendency of missing their boisterous laughter can trigger homesickness for parents as well. But as much as possible, do not contact your kids during their time in the camp. The sound of your voice might trigger their own homesickness and affect their progress in the camp. Give them space to grow and be independent.

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