Feng Shui Clean Your Home

Feng shui is an old art that helps improve your life by making some changes in your space. Good or bad, feng shui affect various areas of your life, including health, wealth, career, and relationships. All feng shui experts agree on one thing that a clean and clutter-free space brings money, prosperity, health, and also makes your relationships healthy. If you don’t have time to clean the space, you can hire a professional cleaner. There is also a top-notch window cleaning company in Dubai that can lift-off the stress of cleaning from your shoulders. If you want instant benefits of feng shui, better focus on essential factors like:

Clean the Entrance

Home or office, the first place that attracts others is the entrance or lobby. Clear the entrance from any clutter because it will bring energy. If there is front lawn, keep it well trimmed and clean. All doors and windows should be clean. Don’t put shoes near an entrance and keep them on the side rack.

Clear Common Areas

A living room is a common area where we spend most of our time, so it should be clean and clutter-free. Same way, kitchens and bathrooms are always in use, better clean them thoroughly. You will become more productive if your surrounding is clean. Fix all faucets or pipes if they need repairing. Don’t let water waste through pipes. Keep the room airy and also focus on natural light. A home with good artificial lights also looks positive.

Clear the Unwanted Stuff

Don’t keep things that you hate because it will eat up your energy. Hate is bad for health and you always feel a certain tension with the things you dislike. Remove any furniture item that bothers you or any other accessory. If something reminds you a bad relationship, remove it or put it in the store if some other family member wants to keep.

Fix or Remove Broken Stuff

Broken things remove prosperity from home or decrease business. Whether it is a broken window or some appliance, either fix it or replace it with the new one. Try this if you want to clean or fix a window or something else. Also, remove wires because they are so irritating or better organize them. Try to use the wireless gadgets if it is possible. Also, clear your space from the items you hardly use. You can gift old items to some friend or to a charity organization. All these things will help you have a more positive and prosperous space than ever.