How to Deal with Your Child Separation Anxiety at Pre-school Drop Off

Young children are vulnerable and prone to apprehension when you say goodbyes. This anxiety is often alleviated with age and the right coping techniques, but if it persists, it could get in the way of dropping your kids off at school and wailing chaos ensues with every routine separation. Though it is a perfectly normal part of childhood development, it could prove to be rather unsettling for the parents. To prevent tearful tantrum-filled goodbyes, here’s how you can deal with your child’s separation anxiety when starting nursery in Dubai:

  • Create a hasty goodbye ritual when dropping your child off to pre-school, and stick to it despite their antics. Lingering prolongs the transition time and enhances separation anxiety. Keep your goodbyes sweet and short. Even if it is a big cuddly hug, or triple kisses at the cubby or providing a special toy as you leave, don’t lurk and watch your kid make way for the school. The ritual renders an order to the parting, diminishes heartaches, and provides security and independence.
  • Let your child know that it’s ok to feel nervous instead of chastising them about it. Catch yourself if you are about to blurt something along the lines of “be a big boy”. Instead, give them a big hug and remind them of how they got through a difficult solution and dealt with it. Realize that the stepping stones towards autonomy involve a lot of dependence on parents to instill confidence in children.
  • Practice separation so that your child learns not to cling to you all the time. When possible, leave your child with a loved one, a respectable nanny, or schedule play dates for short durations and let them thrive in your absence.
  • When dropping them off at their nursery school in Dubai, remind them that you’ll be back at a specific time to pick them up. This builds trust in parents and lets the child get through the time when you stick to your promise of return. When your child begins to trust you and sees that you always make it back, they would grow less and less anxious on your departure. If the child separates from one parent more easily than the other, have them drop the kid.
  • Make a point of doting on your child and showering them with affection once in a while. Plan time with them even if involving them in doing chores. E.g. if you are making smoothie, let them drop in the ice and fruits. This additional one-on-one time makes your child confident in your love for them.