A creative consultant’s goal is to help artists better market themselves. With knowledge of photography, advertising and marketing, Amanda Sosa Stone has worked hard with Jennifer Kilberg and Agency Access to develop an amazing team of 6 consultants with current and diverse real-world experience. Services range from structuring portfolios to editing libraries. Amanda knows each photographer/client is different. Some photographers know which direction they want to go, but they don’t know how to market themselves. Others have established a target market but would like to improve on their marketing, and some photo- graphers want to completely revamp and create a new image for themselves. With each individual, our goal is to make their dreams a reality.

Portfolio Build Consultation: Phase 1 - $495

Show buyers exactly why they should hire you. We’ll help you define and simplify your visual approach and suggest key markets that your work would be perfect for.
Fee $495 total

Portfolio Build Preliminary Edit: Phase 2 - $600

What stays and what goes? Choosing the right images is the secret to getting hired and our creative consultants can help you choose the best and help you fill in the gaps.
Fee $600 total

Portfolio Build Shoot Guidance Months: Phase 3 - $895/m

One-on-one ongoing help to shoot fresh images for your new creative approach. Your consultant will work with you before and after each shoot and will help with the edit.

3-Month Portfolio Build Bundle

Work through all the steps and start building your new portfolio quickly.

1-hour Consult

During the one-hour consultation, your creative consultant will assess your work, your website and your branding. We'll also chat about your goals and help you create a basic roadmap that'll help you reach them.
Fee $295 total

2-hour Consult

In a consult, your consultant will review where you were, where you are and where you want to be. The consultant will then review the work/content and the current presentation you are using and work with you in developing your presentation to meet your goals. Along with presentation, your consultant will also work on marketing (which is key) and how to create an annual campaign.
Fee $495 total

2-Hour Intro to Estimating Consultation

2-Hour consultation to help train members on how to estimate a job on their own. Includes: Photographer assets, estimating system set up, Usage Rights and Licensing, current estimating and billing trends, custom estimate templates, etc.
Fee $495 total

1-Hour Intro to Social Media Consultation

1-Hour Consultation to help our members understand the basics of social media within our industry. Includes: Visual analysis of current social status along with tips on how to evolve and grow one's social brand.
Fee $295 total

1-Hour SEO Consultation

We partnered up with Blake Discher (one of the most respected industry experts on SEO) to offer this important channel of marketing, which every artist should put some energy into. Your website is your vehicle, but you need gas to run it – SEO is your gas.
Fee $295 total

Portfolio Edit of Images

An edit of your images for a portfolio mock up. Your consultant will help you choose the best images to help you tell your story.
Fee $600 total

Website Edit of Images

An edit of your images for a website edit and order mock up. Your consultant will help you choose your best images and order them in a way that buyers and other creatives will love.
Fee $600 total

Estimating for Artists

A winning bid is about more than price – it also shows that you know exactly what it takes to get the job done right. Your consultant will build you an estimate that doesn’t miss a thing, so you’ll look like a pro. Our consultants have years of experience creating estimates, negotiating fees and usage rights across all different markets, so they know that costs change across markets and can come up with a competitive bid that hits the mark.
Fee $100/hr ($100 min. for editorial & $200 min. for advertising)

To inquire more about consulting services or if you have questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to Amanda, she is happy to assist:

With all of these services, we are flexible and can customize the services for each photographer and their individual needs.

Tip: When creating a website make sure the site and image selection best represents the work you want to obtain.

Basic Rate: $295 an hour