"Amanda has been a pleasure to work with. I’m impressed by her work ethic, along with her encouragement and motivation. She works hard to get you on your way." - Nick Onken
"Amanda's passion to help others succeed and realize their full potential is intoxicating. 2009 started out to be a difficult year, but she helped us push through and we ended up having our best year to date. She provided us with clear, honest, and unbiased advice which helped us better define the Keatley brand, marketing strategy, and goals for moving forward. A business becomes successful and thrives when many good decisions and actions are put together, but if I had to pick just one decision from last year that made the most difference, I would say that working with Amanda was the best decision I made or could have made. It is always good to seek outside advice and perspective when running a business, and running a photography business is no different. I would encourage anyone in the art industry to give Amanda a call." - John Keatley - Visit John's blog
"Amanda has been instrumental in giving my brand a new lease on life. Until I jumped in with both feet & developed the complete package I never really felt I was doing as much as I could to generate new business leads and re-connect with valued existing clients. The old saying "When you're working you're not selling & when you're selling you're not working" is no longer applicable with Amanda's guidance and the consistent marketing plan I now have in place." - Mike Carter
"Amanda has the unique talent to see past the ordinary. Give her three dozen images and she will create a portfolio that will jump off the pages of your book. Her talent for picking and matching images is, I feel, unparalleled. It is energizing to work with someone who believes in what she does and cares enough to take the time to make your work shine." - Keith Barraclough
"Working with Amanda helped me not only refine my current body of work and gain a better understanding of building a consistent brand for myself, but she also was there to help with editing my body of work after the initial consultation. She shared educated and experienced advice while at the same time answering all emails and phone calls quickly and thoroughly with honest opinions in a positive, encouraging way. Definitely one of the best choices I have made thus far in my photo career!" - Dan Brouillette