Misbehaving Toddlers: Surefire Ways To Discipline

Misbehaving kids are often the cause of headache of most parents. Most of the time, these kids are finding themselves in trouble with other kids and throwing tantrums in most unexpected places and situations. Most parents tend to get embarrassed when they are faced with such dilemma, especially in public.

But you don’t have to be. Here are some simple tips from experienced teachers in a nursery in Sharjah that can help you discipline your toddlers the right way:

  • Dig deeper


Your toddlers don’t just misbehave because they want to be or they want to do it. There are triggers that can cause these negative behaviors. These triggers can be because they are hungry, tired or frustrated over something. In fact, it can be a lot of things. This is the same case with infants and newborns who are crying continuously. You need to be able to dig deeper on identifying these triggers so you can formulate the right form of discipline for your kids. Deciphering the triggers might take some time, but once you got it, it can be the key to disciplining your kids the right way.


  • Be patient


When our kids throw tantrums, there are instances that parents also tend them to lose their patience over the situation. This can also make the situation worse and even make it hard for your kids to follow your discipline measure. Try to control yourself when faced with such situations with your toddlers. You need to remember that your kid is not yet well adept on expressing their feelings and emotions and they are still finding ways to communicate the right way. Be patient with your kid and control your anger as well.


  • Talk to your kid


If you are having a hard time deciphering the triggers, it would be best to talk to your kid. Ask them nicely and politely why they do such things. It might take time to make them reveal what they are feeling. What you can do is ask leading question to make them speak. You can also explain to them that their behavior is wrong and merit a form of punishment in return. Do not punish them without explanation.


  • Be consistent with discipline

One of the things that teachers do in a nursery in International City when one of their students misbehave is to be consistent with implementing disciplinary actions. When you impose a punishment to one, then it should be done to other misbehaving kids as well. This would set the tone and toddlers will know that you are serious on this matter.