Top Baby and Toddler Footwear Must-Have During The Summer Season

Summer is one of the best season to get some wardrobe update, including your little tots. Like their parents, they need to have some new ensemble to beat the hot and humid weather but also looks fashionable, shoes included.


If you are having some summer shoe shopping, these summer footwear should be on your list:


  • Lightweight shoes

Lightweight shoes is a year-round trend for baby shoes in Dubai. Why? Because kids’ shoes need to be light and comfy, which is appropriate for their age. But having these pairs is essential during summer season when you and your little kids would have to do a lot of walking and beach visits.


Lightweight shoes comes in many types but the thing you have to check is the material. You need to ensure that the weight of the sole will not hamper your kid’s walking and it is should be comfortable and flexible enough to protect and support their feet from walking and running.


  • Slip ons

Slip on footwear is popular among kids nowadays, especially for toddlers who are learning on how to put their own shoes. Mostly, slip on shoes and flats are made of leather and cloth which make it perfect for the season, both for toddlers and adults. They are very cool to wear since the material lets the feet breathe inside and they are also light weight.


When buying slip on shoes or flats for your kids, be sure to make allowances on the size. For instance, if their shoe size is 9 inches, get a pair in 9 ½. They need the allowance if they are learning to wear their own footwear.


  • Sandals

Sandals are great casual footwear for the summer season, both for adults and toddlers. Back then, there are few stores that sell toddler sandals, but seeing the changing trend in baby and toddler footwear, stores that offer children’s shoes in Dubai include this on their line of footwear.


The great thing about sandals is that it is comfortable, let your kid’s feet breathe and support your kid’s feet, especially when doing some summer stroll.


  • Flip flops

Slipper and flip flops are summer essential footwear, especially if you have plans on heading to the beach. The rubber soles enables you to walk around the hot sand without getting burned or hurt. But most of all, they are comfortable and handy. It can go with your casual look and summer outfits as well.