Managing Expectations During Office Relocation

When a company decided to relocate to a new location, a lot of things needed to get settled. Apart from planning moving the equipment and contacting international relocation companies, you also need to manage the people that will be involved in this company initiative.

If you are on the process of relocating your headquarters to a different locations, here are some important tips you can do to manage the expectations of your employees

  • Make the employees understand the purpose of the move


The first thing that you need to do is to talk to your employees about the move. The sooner they know about the relocation the better. Remember that your people would also need to make adjustments in their life with the move, so if they know sooner, it would help them adjust earlier.


Set a meeting with the employees and tell them about the upcoming move. Be sure to tell them the reason behind this initiative and the benefits that it could bring to the company. Expect that there will be negative reactions and objections but offer help to resolve whatever problems they have with the relocation.


  • Share them the plan


Since you already informed them about the relocation initiatives, you also need to loop in the employees on your plans. A solid office moving and relocation plan would make them aware on the company is serious with the move and you want them to be involved in the whole process. A plan would also indicate how the company is planning to implement this said initiative. Share this with them your plans are and make sure to hear their side. They might have some suggestions on how to go about it. If you find a good suggestion, be sure to credit the employee who suggested it.


  • Delegate tasks to them


Speaking of getting the employees involved, you need to delegate each person a task to ensure that the relocation will be done according to plan. Relocation companies in Dubai that you will be hiring can only do so much, so you need all the help you can get to ensure that the relocation plan is right on track and on schedule.

If it is a small office, it is pretty easy to assign tasks to each one. But if you have more than 30 employees, let the supervisors relay these plans and check whether it is being implemented properly.